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What is ROARK?

ROARK is a publication and platform that invites artists, photographers and poets to contribute their own interpretations and experiences of their relationship with the urban environment. Through different photo series, creative writing pieces, interviews and art, ROARK aims to question and explore this relationship.


How do we interact with this man made space around us?

How does it affect us in our day to day lives?

Do we use spaces how they are design to be used?

How do architectural forms reflect and contrast to human form? 

What is the physical sensation of interacting with these spaces and objects? 

How has the spaces within a community altered how they function?

From the director.

The architecture and human relationship has long been an interest of mine. Through ROARK, I want to explore the different ways in which various people view this relationship and day to day interactions, as everyone has their own unique experiences with the built environment. 

ROARK is very much a passion project for me. Not only do I want to create something that can be accessible to everyone, but I want to create a platform where artists can come together, regardless of experience or prior success, and produce something that helps us all understand the world a little differently.

Founder and editor of ROARK, Miranda Shutler.

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